Education was not easy then, is not easy now surely will not be easy in the future. Having spent a life of more than 35+ years now, have realized lot of things especially in terms of education. Few being, certificates are required only for few purposes, while studies learnt do not add much value in your life. A back-bencher student is in a qualified job while the topper struggled to get a job. A non-graduate friend is enjoying a luxurious life in one part of the world, while me as a graduate is working for monthly salary to meet our needs.

  1. Ranking system not required: I have not got rank in my life, but I feel I have still succeeded in life as of now. It is good to have competitions, but comparisons is surely not good. Point is how are the last benchers being helped to improve? From what I have seen, last benchers are either given just pass marks in the final exam for various reasons – mostly to avoid any bad name for the school or college or age being a factor. Gaining knowledge should be priority than marks and ranks.
  2. Studies should be beyond maths, science: Math’s has taught me how to calculate time, money but what about other subjects that I learnt in maths? Where did I use them? What about various chapters of science? Social science made me mug up dates of Panipat battle, Akbar’s date of birth but how did I use it in my day to day life? From my perspective these things are good to watch it in movies and enjoy it. Surely, I learnt from JODHA AKBAR movie much more than from my then History class.                       Rather than such lessons, there should be more value-added lectures which will bring the best out of the student for his future – teaching more on pros and cons of bad habits like drugs, value of money, may be even saving money as an option, respecting people, values, ethics, discipline, may be something about laws etc.                                                          Basic medical aids can be a major subject, which can help major people in and around.
  3. Limit the studies: if I was an arts student, in arts if I have opted for Secretarial practice, then why do I need Political science as my subject. Same way, if my friend is studying computer engineering as her main subject, why does she need to have biology or science. We need to have related courses added rather than provide a buffet. This will not only help the students to have a clear future vision it will also limit them from creating confusion with the career choices.
  4. Practical Knowledge: Retired staff should be offered jobs as part time teachers as they are the best teachers who can teach live examples based on their experiences. An experienced staff from a company who has worked all his years should be made a part of school at least for few hours, to share his experience or teach some lessons that he learnt. It would be having live example in front of students instead of by-hearting from the books.
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    Education equality

Thorough selection process to be followed while choosing anything be it uniforms or study materials or in terms of hiring teachers or staffs. As this is the

5. Campus Interviews: Why only few companies come front to hire students? Are the students prepared for such campus interviews or just the marks decide? During studies are the students taught how to attend interviews, how to speak at interviews? Are the students taught how to handle the major rejection?

6. Examination fear: these days exam time is like going on wars, not just for students and teachers but also for the parents. Parents hire tuition teachers, pressurize kids to study, less of entertainment, start bribing, and teachers. Suggest limiting the students per class, so teacher can give attention, guide and ease the student from this exam fever.

7. Reduce Book load: kids of smaller age these days carry books which look heavier than them, parents must come up with options like trolley like bags. More of all, health matters as they can have severe back pain at an early stage. I was surprised when my colleague’s son got holiday homework to write about his holiday destination while he was just 4 yrs old. Firstly, I never went on holidays at this age; secondly, I barely understood anything at this age. Thirdly what fun is it if the homework is done by parents? While, in few schools, i have heard, they have replaced books with computer pads or desktops.

8. Languages to be given priority: there are people who have got certificates of master’s but then the most commonly used languages are not known to them. For example, we all know that English language is used as world-wide, so this should be a part of every student and made sure kid speaks in English.

  1. Equal: education is same, then why branding is necessary. Private schools don’t teach anything extraordinary neither public school. Just the amount each one pays to get the seat matters. It should be equal and affordable to every human. Schools or collages have become the major business houses, which should not be the case. May be bifurcation can be done in terms of gender. Also, may be residential schools can be started if the students are extremely weak or some special schools to be a part of existing schools.
  2. Standard set of rules and regulations: all schools should have a set slab be it for fees or for seat reservations. At the same time, schools or colleges should have set standards which are common for all. Be it for setting up study material or question papers, be it holidays or any academic syllabus.
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    teach life real lessons

There are quite many things that needs to be changed from the base, add a variety of knowledge, train students how to live life outside comfort zone, how to face challenges, how to be stress free or to train to be calm, building confidence, as these are the things that we face once we are out from the college life, which was never taught to us. I will be grateful for teaching me English speaking and writing which has helped me overall.

We must appreciate our celebrities and few top personalities who have proved that education really needs a change as success does not depend on how much marks you have got or how many degrees have you added in your resume. But hard work, passion, will power and the courage to face the challenges is the real path of success.

I would also state here, one deserving student does not get a seat just coz they cannot arrange for the donation or the exorbitant fees, is the major change that we want in our educational system. Surely other changes should follow accordingly.

A so qualified and eligible student does not get a job as the hiring company works on reference basis is the major system change that that we want.

Today’s children are tomorrows future, let’s make it true. A Future that we can set an example for the rest of the world.

1.”All of us do not have equal talent. But, all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.”

2.“Failure will never overtake me if my definition to succeed is strong enough.”


We are not stating the system is wrong, but surely the process is. change is required in educational field, for betterment of everyone.

we are hoping for a better tomorrow with better educational systems.

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