What do you think when we consider a temple at home? These words  are common to you, but do you know how to build and keep temple in your house. Wrong Vastu can lead bad luck in your life.  There are numerous Vastu Shastra guiding principle that should be followed, to grab maximum positive effects for the house’s residents. We observe the do’s and don’ts The temple should be kept in your house, as it helps us to grab positive energies into your life. But it is necessary to follow all good Vastu tips to grab more and good energies. Vastu dose can lead bad luck and negative energies which can affect you badly like the sudden death of your family member, child, illness and children’s health problem can be caused. For more such tips or if you are suffering from any issues like this, please consult our vedic temple consultant get proper solutions to get rid of that.

temple at home

temple at home

The temple at home, is a sanctified place where we worship the deity. So, obviously, it must be a positive and peaceful place. The temple region, when placed according to Vastu Shastra, can bring happiness, prosperity, and good health in the home and its occupants. Although a separate puja room would be perfect, this is not always probable in metropolitan cities, where there is space crisis.

The temple area, should be a region of calm that is full of celestial energy, says Mumbai-based the vedic temple designer. The vedic temple designer work on vastu for hindu temple construction and also vedic dev sthapana. “The Vedic temple designer” is a place where one surrenders to the enormous and gains strength. If one does not have the space to allot a complete room of the temple, one can set up a small altar on the east wall, towards the northeast region of the residence. Avoid placing the temple in the south, south-west or southeast directions of a house. Now let’s talk about do’s and Don’ts for a temple at home

Do’s and Don’ts for embellishing a temple at home

  • The light or diya, should be located on the right side of the individual performing a pooja.
  • Beautify the temple with fresh and real flowers. Light a few fragrance candles, incense sticks and dhoop, to purify the area and create a divine atmosphere.
  • Snap or pictures of the dead/ancestors, should not be kept in the temple, but you keep it in your home or bedroom.
  • Create a little shelf near the temple, to place the incense, puja materials and sacred books.
  • Ensure that there are electric points near the temple, so that one can light up the temple during festival. You can also use diyas and candle for this, but at night you should light up your temple with lights only.
  • Avoid keeps needless items below the temple or dustbins in temple area or near.
  • Some people place the temple in the kitchen or bedroom. In such cases, drape a curtain in front of the temple, when you are not worshipping the temple.
  • Temple should not be next to a wall that has a toilet behind it. It should also not be located below a toilet on the upper floor.
  • For the temple space, use beige, light yellow, or lavender colours.

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