Things I Need To Work on

Calorie deficit but no weight loss or gain is mostly the same with everyone. If you are taking proper diet and doing exercise and still can’t lose weight then there must be some problem. Which I’m facing for last 2 years. Hence I tried to figure out what may be the common reasons that could affect my gain and weight loss. Here I am going to talk about those reasons why I can’t lose weight. This is a very important topic for everyone. If you are overweight according to your body then definitely it will be going to affect your health. Everyone has to also focus on their weight so that they could remain fit and fine. So here we go.Weight Loss

Why You Can’t Lose Weight

  1. Not getting enough of Vitamin D– After recent meeting with my doctor I was made to understand that this is an serious problem currently.  Lack of Vitamin D is directly related to weight loss. Major reason for lowered Vitamin D is due to Indoor working environment, sitting inside AC cabins. It is suggested to check you Vitamin D levels on regular intervals. If Vitamin D is lower than required limit, doctors would suggest tablets. However, exposure to sunlight is the best medicine.
  2. Exercise plans – Watching someone a major cause of which you can’t lose your weight. Either you are doing too much exercise or not doing properly. Appreciate an assortment of exercise procedures: weight preparing, Pilates, yoga and interim preparing. Speedy and hard blasts are great. What’s more, weight preparing is useful to raise your digestion.
  3. Body Movement This is the most basic and simple thing which is not followed. I have realized that just sitting by our ass the entire day can never help in losing weight. We should walk at least 10,000 steps per day. If you are on job then you can walk at the time of your lunch break.
  4. You’re not sleeping wellRest = fix. At the point when your body gets enough rest, it’s ready to perform.
  5. You are not eating home food –This can be very dangerous for your health if you are eating food but not from home. Outside food are spicy and have a big amount of oil and fat. If you are taking heavy oil and fats then you can’t lose your weight but you can increase your weight by doing these things. Outside food contains low quality oil which can be harmful for your health.Weight Loss
  6. Your liver is drowsy and you need a decent wash downIn case you’re feeling low, worn out, and irritable and your eating regimen contains liquor, espresso and sugar, you have to offer your body a reprieve. At the point when your liver is languid, it battles to process substances/poisons/hormones productively and these prompts dangerous develop and this will not be avoidable cause weight gain.
  7. Eating High Calories: even after watching calorie counts, may be we still end up Eating junk, excess calories than required.
  8. Less Protein: This nutrient is the most important to lose weight. approx 30 – 50% protein is required each day to see some better results.

So these are some major reasons which I figured out for not losing weight. Well, I will be working on these and will make changes to my lifestyle accordingly. However, I would suggest to visit your family doctor or dietitian for better understanding your body. If you have any other question then let me know in the comment section.

Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!!!