Coming from a small place, not very sure what the corporate world is, it was when I landed in Dubai when I got a job in a Multinational corporate company started knowing what it is.

It took me years to understand and absorb why people in the corporate world work so differently as compared to where I came from.

On the one hand, the characteristics of having a dream, clarity of mind, being focused and optimistic, imaginative and inventive, helped me excel in my career as they were highly valued in this competitive culture; on the other hand, I noticed that when it comes to people’s skills, particularly networking, exploiting power and positioning, my set of values was very different from the one I was thrown into. My parents, it turns out, did not raise a kid who was ready to face the cutthroat business world, as is usually the case for other fresh grades coming from a protective background. Basically, you’re left high and dry to sort out all on your own, the hard way.

Whether we like it or not, the world of companies in the real world. To ensure you don’t take too long to find your footing in this room, I’m sharing some unwritten insider rules of the game with you. Call it my top lessons, some fun rants, some frank musings, or whatever.

Your importance to the company and its employees is tied to the last rating/evaluation of results.

I don’t giggle. You are as good as your appraisal of the last month. But if you’ve been a top performer 5 years in a row, if you haven’t managed to get a top ranking this year for any reason, you’re doomed. And playing the ranking game is like being in a war zone; there, it’s a blood bath. Well, well, I know that not all companies are the same. You may think they are just sitting down and reviewing all of your performance in your incredible business, contrasting them with your colleagues, ironing out the gaps in work plan and workload, and giving you a reasonable evaluation of where you stand. If you go to work assuming that this is how appraisal will be conducted at the end of the year, you are in for a major setback.

People are only good to you if you are powerful, or if they need you. When the need or power shifts, their conduct does likewise.

Can you imagine that someone who over time becomes your best friend when you work with them for years day in and day out, will even stop saying “hello” as soon as your position changes? As if that wasn’t enough to scare the living hell out of you, more time passes and they’re back on your side with a bang before you know it, having the audacity to become your best friend again. I’ve witnessed this twice, and I’m always puzzled about how people can handle this intense degree of deception. Maybe they think I am suffering from amnesia?

Promotions aren’t success-related. We are at best connected to your sense of success.

What even does that mean? We all see things with our own perceptive lens based on my ideals, convictions, perceptions, community, and communication, my map of the world may be radically different from your map. If you work in a diverse, multi-ethnic organization where people come from all sorts of cultures and backgrounds, the manner in which each person views the world, absorbs knowledge, analyses it, and then makes sense out of it may differ greatly. Perception really is a fact. It is important that you show the correct understanding of your work and performance to the decision-makers who matter and who decide on the promotion.

It is more necessary to understand the right opportunity at the right time than outcomes.

We all know the lucky Know-It-All dude who, despite getting poor results, got promoted before anyone else. Why did he manage to do this? Whinging and nagging probably not, right? Creating your image, network and visibility will carry you places you’ve never even thought about. Don’t count on your boss to do it for you. Build a network of prominent figures, supporters and mentors who know you and the milestones you have accomplished. If you have it right, as soon as an opportunity knocks on the door, you’re the guy for all the decision-makers who’s the best mind.

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