Hell, what kind of question is this? From owning big bungalows, to luxurious car, to peaceful sleep, money, and a lot more. My list will never end, even if I have all this, there will be much more to add up.

I come from a simple family, like many of them our demands in childhood were simple. Training in our life was also simple, having a job to meet our needs, getting married at the right age as decided by our society, marrying within the cast, Having kids, taking care of old parents was something injected in our brains. I had all this in my brains and was working towards it.

But then, what I want from life, is different from what life wants from me. I chose to move away from my parents, first one from my family to go abroad, ended up marrying a guy from different religion, kids were a no so opted to adopt pets, my two little kittens. (dont create any opinions about my life, I am sure you have better work than doing that).

Always want to have more, be it in terms of properties, investments, travel, has just made me hungrier I feel.

Simple living seems to be complex sometimes. As and when I meet new people, seeing the new trend settings in our own society, which was training everyone, changes I am seeing within my family people, I feel surprised.

Surely, we all have goals, but do we have limits on those goals? I am working for years now, earning good, have done a bit for my future… yet I feel that’s not enough. Would I be knowing when is it enough? How much is enough?

Or is it like I keep working and working and just like its an end to my life.

Can we all be on same page someday, not by death I mean.

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I know my concerns are also real, like what if money is not enough during my old age, who will take care of me. I don’t want to be abandoned or keep begging. What if the savings that I have is spent on an unknown emergency? What if bank scam happens and we loose that money?

Its not that who has family will take care, yet there will be a bit if peace thinking someone is there and, in my case, having no kids… you know what it feels. Well, I don’t regret of not having kids.

These WHAT IFs are so terrible, that they give sleepless nights. These what ifs are the driving source to keep working.

Am I happy? In simple words YES. If I must explain my happiness, if I sit and think about tomorrow, I do get worried. But when I see my today, I know it’s in my control, I am happy where I am. My small family is around me. I have my friends, my pets.

Well life is like Chakravyuh, not everyone is perfect, nor everyone knows everything. Not everyone gets a chance to reach all the stages of life. While I am lucky to be doing what I love, enjoy my life. Able to solve my problems, face challenges sort them and still stand strong.

Rather than asking what do I want in life, I want to ask what does life want from me?

Best Regards,

Laveena Pinto / Queen Bee