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What to blog – Homework before starting your blog

Many people want to start a blog but do not know what to write. When I started my blog a year ago, I was in this same group. The preferences and choices change from time to time. There are so many topics to pick on. But I will focus on some of the best niches that you can work on.

There are rare people who exactly know what to choose and how to start. For some, it could be as hard as a rock. No one can make it thoroughly clear what should you write, but can give you preferences. it took almost a year and little more for me figure out what I should do and follow.


Yes, when I started I had no clue as to what niche means even.. it took almost 6 months to understand the meaning… But then understanding doesn’t give an answer. You need to figure out what are you good at, what is your passion, if not find what is trending in today’s world. At times, it could take time, but eventually, you will figure it out…

One important tip here, there are times, you will feel lost, others’ advice will not work for you, but you need not give up.


You can start your blog by considering passion. You should know about preferences and choices. Try to observe what you were interested in years ago and what do you like now. I have heard bloggers “recalling” old preferences they had forgotten about and starting fruitful blogs around those passions. If you are lucky enough to have one overarching passion in your life, most likely that is what you should blog about. Have you spent all of the time knitting custom mittens? You should blog about that. Have you spent all the time seeing British TV dramas? You should put passion into a blog.


Abby has told the story of working part-time as a bank teller (pre-blog) and reading everything on I Heart Organizing. It was her favorite blog! Chances are you have some favorite blogs as well. What type of blog do you spend the most time on? What type of blog do you enjoy reading the most? Consider blogging on a similar topic. Make a blog that you would enjoy reading.


Are you familiar with a particular topic? The idea of “teaching everything you know” primarily narrated by Nathan Barry. He is argued that the reliable way to have an audience is to teach. You may never feel like you a professional on a particular topic, but the probabilities are that you can know more than some other people. If your family and friends are asking you for genuine advice, you can write about it in the lifestyle niche. If family and friends keep asking about fashion, you can write about the fashion niche. If your family and friends are asking about photo editing or photo editing, you can consider writing about it.


As you go through your favorite blogs, do you find any major gap in the content? Is the blogger misplaced the main point about a focused subject? Maybe you hit your favorite home decoration blog but you have seen that all content emphasis on high-end or expensive organizing solutions. You can take the initiative of the missing content about effective decorating solutions. Maybe there is a creative blog that you go through religiously. Over time you have focused their emphasis on productivity tools and apps for desktop computers. You can cover this gap in the content by making a blog that emphasis on Android or iOS productivity.


It has been said that a company at its base is just an answer to a problem. What kind of pain or problems do people mention? You should write a blog and the goal of supporting others to solve the problem. If sufficient people mention the problem and the answers are stable enough, you may have a prosperous blog on your hands.


Unfortunately, many people think they have to be a professional in a subjective field in order to make a successful blog on a given topic. This is not true at all. Being an expert while struggling to teach others can make you feel tiresome, with a large detachment with readers in your writing. When you are about to start a blog, it is supportive to think of yourself as a foremost learner. What are you seeking currently? Teach that. You will always be some steps ahead of others, and they will appreciate your standpoint. Think of an area where you can be an important learner for readers and consider writing about that.


Anonymous blogs do not go much well. If things go well enough, your family, friends, and co-workers would read and find your blog. That is a good thing! Your blog posts are what you will be known for. What kind of posts do you ask to be known for? What do you ask your body of work to be? Plan long term strategies. A poor plan is always better than no plan.


When you are deciding blog niche, think about the person or type you ask to be writing to. John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire talked about the fake “avatar” of an individual being who he created. When he creates or writes courses, he is writing to that focused subject. This is a fruitful strategy to help your work feel more personal.

Another plan is to thought about a specific person in life and composes for that person. You do not have to inform them, but it is helpful as you write. Is the individual you are the script for in mind someone who would benefit from what you are writing? And if so, is it the type of person you enjoy collaboration with?


When you are deciding a blog topic, it is important to estimate potential income opportunities. Blogging is not free and as your organic traffic grows, so will your expenditures. Primarily, hosting is expensive, but finally, you will need to shift to an expensive and robust hosting plan. You will also want to initiate an email list, with an increased number of subscribers your email marketing bill will also increase.


I have seen a trend. People will be more interested in blogging, and as a substitute for just starting, they go foolish with online business making techniques. From there they will initiate a blog about blogging. The intentions are definitely good, and it is a potentially profitable niche. But the type of blogs usually fail.  If you teach others about blogging despite any credibility, you will face a huge uphill battle. It will be enjoyable and easier, profitable, and healthier for your readers.  If you make a blog about an unconnected topic first, and then impart others how to do based on your experiences. This is a true and tried formula.


I know this sounds quite cheesy. I did feel the same. but eventually, when it becomes your passion, you will tend to meet people, who have gone through the stage that we are in. take advice when in doubt, when confused as it’s quite common to get carried away, to feel lost, or get overwhelmed with unlimited ideas. take your time, coz initial days are the days for experimenting according to me… coz once you get into flow not many changes can be done.


I know this is a bit difficult to choose what you should write about, but whatever niche you are going to use, make sure, you are writing with honesty and sincerity. Blogging with a heart wins everyone’s heart.

Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!!

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