Why do you post on social media?
What do I do when I have free time?
What do I do when I am waiting?
What do I do when I’m bored?
Right! U got me. I know we all do the same. Being on social media, means either we are addicted to it or we feel that’s our entertainment.
Social media is a place where we have all stuff we need under one roof. From cooking recipes to celebrities, to people we love, to knowing new people, trends to politics to news. The list just can go on.

Some show their daily life, some show their achievements while few try to attempt like me, rest are like you who jus watch.
Well, I was also there jus watching everyone doing. I felt I should try it. At times felt I could better than them, sometimes I felt I am much in a better space to more things, I have more equipment’s, I do have a better lifestyle and a lot more.
But most important was instead of consuming all what u see and doing nothing made me realize let me create n post. Coz, when u see others reels it looks just so easy. It’s when u try to create one you realize… what’s does to create that 30 seconds reels. And that confidence to post is another level.

I am a person who has phone in my hand all the time. keep clicking pictures / make those short videos … why not share it on my page, instead of saving them on my phone… n losing all that data once phone is replaced or jus keep saving them on hard disc.

When I look back on my social media feels good that I attempted. If one person got confidence to create a reel watching mine, that’s happiness.

we all have known celebrities, now surely we know quite few media influencers, like Prajakta Kohli, Dolly Singh, Bhuvam to name a few. They all have built their journey on this social media platform and surely set an example to everyone. social media is just not for entertainment, but also can be a source of regular income.

From my experience, its not easy to be on social media, it takes a lot of efforts, timings, creativity, efforts and hell lot of confidence. Not everyone can face camera, overcome public fear and start posting. I was there, struggled for days, months and years. finally took that courage to do something that I could enjoy. happy that i got a break, got few paid and barter system small term works.

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Few important things I learnt while being on social Media:

  • Stay away from comparison ladder.
  • Be prepared for demotivation.
  • Consistency is the key.
  • experiment if you are in doubts
  • it can be a journey where can be crawling or just on a speed track, be grounded.
  • take help if needed.
  • Don’t keep any expectations from family and friends. Remember not everyone can understand you.

If being on social media is part of your job or if you have a goal on social media, then plan it, strategize it, prepare yourself mentally for slow growth, weird comments those messages etc. also, don’t hesitate if you need to invest be it on equipment’s or peoples or ads. Everything comes at a cost, exceptionally if you are lucky star. Hard work is still needed.

Finally, it takes a lot to be on social media, you have your own challenges, doubts, low days but then you do what you like. Best part is social media is your space, you decide what you post, when you post. If it makes you happy, then go for it. One post can go viral and can make you a star while at times daily Posting might not reach anywhere. Work on to understand what you want. Set goals and start posting.


You don’t know there could be a hidden talent which you never knew, and it could come out once you are on social media, if not you will learn new stuff, new trends, keep yourself updated. Most importantly can free you from your boredom, if you quit job like me.

Social media is not as bad as its shown, but yes, has its own pros and cons. be smart to know how to handle it and avoid misusing it.

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Thanks and Best Regards,

Laveena Pinto