Writing a Blog is not just in pursuance of the unsaid rules of online marketing, it is rather a wholesome experience where you can get aesthetic satisfaction, along with an additional income. Many who think of starting a blog often get discouraged because of the apparent difficulties and problems associated. But I believe that these challenges are like the problems of starting out any new venture, and if anything, far simpler. If you are also doubting your intention of starting a blog, or a friend recommended blogging to you but you are not very sure, do not worry, I give you the top 7 reasons to start your own blog.

  1. Blog Translates to Business: The most prominent reason why people start blogging is to expand their business. If you have an online marketplace or offer some services, or even have a physical store, or you are a start-up debuting a new product, you need to have a solid base of customers who will ultimately purchase your products or services. While a good way to promote your business is through advertising on TV and online giants like YouTube, it is often too expensive. As an individual or a company with very limited resources, such advertisements can suck up all your revenues. The best option, then, is a Blog! Here you are your own master and do not need to depend on anyone to spread your word. Once you appear on the search results of your services, people will take note of your brand, and these very visitors will become your customers.
  2. The Influencer: When you start blogging on a regular basis on a particular subject, you garner many readers who look up to you on the knowledge of the given subject. You may be a geek influencing a generation of tech freaks, or you may be the fashionista whose word is the ultimate truth in all things fashion. Then there is also a group of fitness gurus, avid book readers, the critics of movies and theatre, who have a separate fan base. You may be an ordinary individual with a limited circle of influence, but when you start blogging, your horizons expand and people from far off places also buy your truth. You are the influencer and the trendsetter.
  3. Monetize Your Magic: There are many individuals who start off simple with a blog, but gradually make their presence felt online. When you gain the power to influence the minds of your readers, many bigger brands approach you. You interest them and they show a willingness to sponsor you. While most of the sponsorship is in monetary form, many expensive high-end products also form part of it. The geeks who review smartphones, when popular, receive the latest models of so many brands to review their newest phone and spread their good word. This is a major reason why you should start blogging, as there will not be a dearth of sponsors.
  4. Your Best Creative Outlet: Many bloggers are employed full time and have a promising career ahead of them, but they still choose to blog, because it provides them with an opportunity to express themselves in a creative manner. They use it as an escape from mundane lives and see blogs as a space where they have all the freedom to say whatever they want to. Some are just creative bloggers, who simply pen down their thoughts, and in the long run, find the experience very liberating. Some others are able to improve on their skills of the language- better grammar, improved cohesion of thoughts, better communication, and argumentation skills. There are also some others who overcome their fear of public platforms, sometime after they start blogging, as they understand that their voice is not lost and someone is always there to listen.
  5. Become an Inspiration: When you narrate your life story on your blog, or even if you write about something that is close to your heart, you might set an example without even realizing it. Some readers might be going through some internal struggles that are similar to yours and upon reading about it, they might draw inspiration to rise above their challenges and scale new heights. What can be better than to help someone out in distress! When you start blogging, you have all the power in the world to make a difference and improve the quality of people’s lives. You may voice your opinion, or you may narrate your story, and either way, some people will draw lessons out of your blog.
  6. Reflects Well on Your Resume: Think it this way- you have a blog on teaching the basics of programming, and you also apply for a job where programming is a mandatory skill. The best way to add credibility to your claims and to your CV is your blog! When you are blogging on a particular subject, it inevitably implies your expertise on the same. Any employer will be more than pleased to hire a candidate who is well versed in the skill that will be an asset to the company.
  7. Additional Opportunities: As a successful blogger, or a repository of knowledge in the field, you may get invited to many forums. People will want to know about you and your skills. You may find yourself giving a pep talk, or giving valuable feedback to a company that will help them improve on their products. The exposure that you get is endless.

You may face some difficulties in penning down your thoughts for the first few blog posts, but after that, it is a smooth run. There are worries that it might not give you revenues at the beginning itself, and that it is not a constant source of income, but do not let that stop you from starting a blog. It takes time to warm up on any job- be it office, or business venture, or a blog, but if you are passionate about something, it never fails. If you dedicate your time and energy to your blog, you will soon find things improving in every aspect. Starting a blog is not just for earning revenues out of it- you have the opportunity to learn and improve yourself with every new blog post.

Do not hesitate, start blogging right away!

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