An Ideology That Is inherent In Our Minds

Every human being is primarily perceived based on two basic concepts – sex and gender. Sex refers to the biological differences between men and women, and  Gender refers to different roles assigned to males and females in society as it relates to social and cultural differences.

A stereotypical image of both men and women has been built in society, and they have judged on the basis of the age-old perception. India is a country which follows a system of Patriarchy that means the rule of a man in every aspect of life – political, economic, religious, social, and cultural. Most of the patriarchal societies in India are patrimonial that reflects the fact that male lineage inherits title and property.

managing work and home

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Patriarchy is just an ideology that justifies the superiority and dominance of the males over the females. The differences in men and women can be traced back through different religious texts which portray the incidences of women subjugation. Patriarchy is not a natural system; instead, it is a social instrument created by men to rule over the whole society. In the ancient period, women did not raise their voice against male domination and surrendered themselves completely towards oppression. But today’s scenario is different from the past as women have started challenging the harsh and discriminatory system of patriarchy.

Women – A Real Home Maker

Women turn around a ‘house” into a ‘heavenly place to live in’ as they have been given the sole responsibility of managing the housework. The different domestic chores that are performed by women daily are:

  • Cooking
  • Washing dishes
  • Sweeping
  • Vacuuming
  • Cleaning washrooms
  • Dusting
  • Taking care of pets if any
  • Laundry work
    managing work and home

    Work life

Apart from this regular household work, the responsibility of bearing and caring for a child is also performed by the women. Most of the men do not help their wives at all in any domestic work, though there are some exceptional cases in which men are helpful and supporting. It has been ingrained in the minds of not only men but also women that domestic duties belong to women, and it is not an area where a man can be indulged. This thinking is changing towards a positive direction now, and both men and women are trying to share each other’s responsibilities.

Women- A Multi-tasking And An Enduring Personality

Women have started indulging in shaping their talents and capabilities by working in different sectors of the economy where they are being paid for their hard work. But life has become even more challenging for women as they have to perform the dual task of working at home as well as outside it.

Women are naturally more patient and adjusting as compared to men since they can handle the two fields so wonderfully. Such a nature of women is due to their upbringing, and the specific values instilled in them throughout life. Life has not become easy for women these days; instead, it has become more involved with increasing responsibilities. A daily schedule of most of the women is -getting up early in the morning, doing household duties, going for work, coming back home in the evening, and again performing the rest of the household work along with taking care of the children. A woman goes through such a hectic routine every day. Even if she gets an off from office work, she still is not free completely because of the domestic chores. A woman manages both the home and work very enthusiastically with a beautiful smile on her face. Mostly, never complains about  many difficult things that she faces each day.

managing work and home

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Respect A Woman And Appreciate Her Work

Since a woman manages both the home and office work with a lot of inner strength and positivity, she deserves appreciation and respect from society. She is the leading lady of the house and should be treated on an equal basis with the man of the house. She is the binding force of a happy family and takes care of her every relation. She should be involved in making important decisions and should be given the love and care that she genuinely deserves.

How do you treat your ladies at home?

Yours Truly,

Queen Bee!!