Women’s Participation in Development

Growing participation of women in every field is like women are grabbing their rights with full pride. A woman carries that much of power that if she desire’s to win, she can. Now the time has changed, women are aware about their equality rights and they are fighting for it.

How they are playing important role in development

In India corporate house are not just dominated by men but women have also occupied the same equal position like men and have emerged victorious and increased woman strength.

Richest women in India in the recent release Billionaire’s list for 2019:

Savitri Jindal

Who has net worth 41,320 crore. She is a business woman whose interest is in steel, power, cement and infrastructure. She is a widow of founder OM Prakash Jindal who died in helicopter crash, group companies are divided in his four sons, who now run them independently. The most asset of his group is seen by his elder son Sajjan Jindal in Mumbai who runs JSW Steel.

Now the world’s richest women is:

Francoise Bettencourt-Meyers
She has net worth equal to $ 69.4bn AUD. She made this money as she heiress to the L’Oreal cosmetic empire, she got 33% share of her mother’s business who passed away in 2017. She served L’Oreal since 1997, and president of her family foundation. Interesting fact about her is she is an author and had a numbers of books published

Now in India the finance minister is also a woman namely,
Nirmala sitharamn

An Indian politician of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), who is currently serving as the minister of finance and minister of corporate. This inspires Indian women a lot that no work or post is there which a woman cannot handle, like her, women should come out and stand equal to a man so that there is no inequality left.

Indian actress Priyanka Chopra

She not only worked in Bollywood but also she is a part of Hollywood. With her great efforts she got success to move further in Hollywood which is a nice platform for development, and this is not an easy task for an actor/actress. She is at the top position in India as the hottest actresses. She earned a lot and is running a lot of business and charities throughout. She is also a great ideal for Indian women.

WOMAN as a pilot of Indian air force

In June 2016 Avani Chaturvedi was declared as the first combat pilot along with two of her cohort Mohana Singh and Bhavana kanth. She is from Rewa in Madhya Pradesh. It was a nice step taken by Indian woman which leads to a great development.

Like them, women are trying their best for the development of their own and for the nations too.
Let a woman live with freedom

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