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Yoga is a natural fitness guru. Maintain the beauty of your body and soul by practicing and making yoga a part of your life.

IT is originated in India and widely practiced throughout the world. Yoga is a practice that can be done by any person. It is the best medicine for a person who is suffering from a kind of disease. Even, it should be practiced by each and every person to stay healthy and fit.

There are a number of yoga practices with different postures for different body parts. It is most beneficial when practiced in the early morning time.
A person should wake up early in the morning and go near to the grass field fresh area for yoga practice on a daily basis.

It is a practice that controls a person’s mental, physical, and spiritual condition. It leads to inner harmony and helps people to have mental stability and discipline. It also helps to have control over patients.
Yoga includes breathing techniques, meditation, and exercises. It not only improves health but also provide inner peace. Yoga has the power to cure a critical disease effectively and fast, which is not perfectly curable by the medical field.

Swami Ramdev
A person with great ideology for yoga. People follow him by watching his daily vyayam on television or join him in his live workshops.

There are lots of books too, for the yoga learning keener’s who are going to start yoga practice soon or are in search of it. You can also visit nearby yoga classes in your area for better and regular practice. Yoga should be done in a correct way then only it will show positive results that’s why you should practice in front of a perfectionist who will correct you if you are doing wrong.
Sometimes what happens, people use to practice in a wrong manner and then further they
suffer from severe pain in the body. So, do it with full concentration and discipline.

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Growing awareness
Now a day it is very common for teenagers and youngsters to be slim and fit by the body. So, they are highly attracted to yoga and working hard to maintain their body shape. If a person will maintain his/her body now then, the body will help them live last long. When we practice yoga it helps in releasing sweats which purify and maintain our skin quality. By practicing yoga a person remains energetic whole day and does not easily fall ill. It reduces the belly fat of fatty people very fast. A person doing yoga, move to any posture. Do not find difficulty in any work even can concentrate on the full presence of the mind.

Amazing benefits of yoga

It lowers down the blood pressure. Also, improves posture and balancing of the body. It also enhances flexibility and joint range of motion. It provides and helps us to meet our inner strength and also boost immunity. Provide better sleep than before. It helps us to maintain a healthy weight. It improves blood circulation throughout the body. Tone’s and strengthens muscles

Yoga helps in sharping memory, improve concentration and attention.  Also, it increases listening and observing power. In addition, it helps in learning fast and with great accuracy. It decreases depression and anxiety levels and helps in lowering the stress level.

Yoga highly improves the thyroid levels in the body. It decreases glucose and sodium up to a maintained level.

There are different posture for different body parts. The asana is a body posture, originally for hatha yoga and meditation. These asanas are also beneficial to women, suffering from menstrual problems like PCOD and POCS. Practicing it regularly can reduce this problem and also maintain metabolism.

Practice yoga on a regular basis, surely assured your body will Thank you for a healthy life.
Be a part of a yoga team, spread awareness about yoga and live your life!

Yours Truly
Queen Bee!!