A yoga mat allows you to pull and relax your joints and reduce tension properly. It also enhances your stability and prevents your body from slipping when it is sweating.

But you must have a clear understanding of your priorities when it comes to choosing a  mat and choosing a mat that suits your requirements.

How to choose yoga mat? A lightweight rollable yoga mat is the best for you if you are traveling regularly. It is essential to test the mat’s thickness and texture when you are more concerned about the tension on your joints. It is also necessary to avoid the use of hazardous materials for the mats.

Body Brand Yoga Mat

This premium-quality BodyBrand Yoga Matt is suitable for travelers and provides comfort and excellent grip during usage at affordable rates. That’s why we have given top priority in the list of best mats in India.

Product Features

  • It is made of environmentally friendly TPE material, which has SGS certification and is available in cylindrical form to suit customer requirements, in comparison with other  mat brands.
  • Also, latex and other metals are free so that the body can be expressed in different styles.

Product Advantages

  • This non-slip mat is 50% thicker than other common brands so that it avoids accidents and stays solid over challenging distances.
  • The double-sided design, fitted with tailor-designed choices, allows you to use a yoga mat on two sides to the slippery area.

Product Limitations

  • None

Kobo Yoga Mat

You are more likely to be exposed to bacteria and germs if you practice yoga on the floor without any cover. The Kobo Yoga Mat at home and other yoga facilities is a one-stop solution.

Product Features

  • It is made of environmentally friendly, durable NBR materials with exceptional flexibility to perform various activities such as spreads, squats, rolls, etc.
  • The slip-resistant and washable nature allows us to exercise without being afraid to fall and rush from the mat.yoga mat

Product Advantages

  • The soft coil covers your knees, elbows, and hips against harm when you are training.
  • The mat brace can be easily harvested and maintained in the desired location due to the user-friendly design and lightweight.

Product Limitations

  • This yoga mat price is a bit higher compared to rivals.

Strauss Yoga Mat

It is best yoga mat, if you don’t have the floor to do yoga and other stretches. This beautiful mat contains PVC foam materials for easy use, ensuring no knee, arms, and leg damage.

Product Features

  • It is very spacious and has a longer life span, in contrast to other mat brands.
  • It is also absorbent in sweat and smell resistant.yoga mat

Product Advantages

  • This Strauss mat is made from 3 layers – an even top layer for optimum grip, memory foam layer for body motions to be protected, and stable.
  • Furthermore, the design of the anti-skid tests prevents you from skidding when you are not in the center of training.

Product Limitations

  • It is a great product to purchase at this price.

It is difficult for everyone to pick the right size of mat and waste time. We have given you the guide to the buying of Yoga Mat, which saves you precious time and uses numerous websites and portals.

You have to consider a few essential things, such as mat size, material type, shape, thickness, weight, and finally quality, when using the yoga mat online. All these parameters improve the performance of Mat and improve durability.

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