Top 5 best decision of my Life ever taken


Every decision I have taken has taught me a lot of things that I have accepted and met them. Few things don’t go so well as planned while happening on the spot. Life is full of surprises, accepting it as a challenge and working towards the goal is all that matters.

I am sure, every day I take some steps which affect or change my life in some way or the other. But If had to choose a few of the best decisions of my life, then here there are.

  1. Applying for my passport – in the year 2006 I got my passport and the first thing I did was applying for jobs. Mostly then, not many had passports including my parents. But can say this decision changed my life forever. After applying for a job, within days’ time, for my luck, I got a call within a day or so for an interview. From attending the interview at Bangalore to getting selected with an offer letter to work in Dubai was nothing less than magic. Leaving my parents, starting a life on my own, struggle, pain, laugh, happiness, missing family functions, festivals had their own emotions. But everything I have handled gracefully. Have been living a queen size life over the years and wish to continue the same for the rest. So, applying for my passport was surely one of the best decisions of my life.
  1. Marrying the man of my life: I met this guy via local online chatting. I was doing my graduation 1st year, it all started with the fun. But then eventually we got connected even after being disconnected. Started with fake names, now his name is shared with mine. It’s more than 17+ years since I know him, almost 13+ yrs. of being married, I am still in love with him. Marrying him is the best decision of my life. Yes, there are days, when I cry, fight but then that’s the part of my emotional being. But how he handles me, cares for me I’m sure no one can do it.
  1. Buying a German brand car: having a luxurious life, who doesn’t want it. But how many things can you meet to live that luxurious life? Coming from a small middle-class family mentality which forces you to save, makes you feel spending on luxurious stuff is wastage stops you from buying things that are expensive. But then the dream was to have a German branded car which suits me. Choices were unlimited from Audi to Merc to Range Rover, but we chose VOKLSWAGON brand. And surely can assure you best car till now. My family has not seen anything beyond SUZUKI and TATA, so I own that Pride. Over 6 years, now, I think of changing it, but there is this attachment towards this car, it stops me from making the decision. Well, hoping for another beautiful and luxurious car to join our family soon.
  1. Buying my first house when I had no penny: when we got married, we did not have a house of our own, my mother-in-law stayed at a rented residence. Well, we just got married, had no good savings. But then we decided to have our own home when we save enough. Maybe over the years. But never realized I would just end up having a home one day, even without thinking much. It just happened, we got to hear from one of my neighbors they are selling an old house, we could get a loan, saw the papers, negotiated and the house is ours. By God’s grace, everything went well, and we are having our own new house back in our hometown.decision
  1. Starting my website – when I left my long-term job, that the time, I chose to start a website. It was the challenging one as it happened with not much knowledge, but how it started, how I’m taking it forward, it’s amazing. Learning new things, writing my own content, hiring people to help me, monitoring website growth, see what different stuff I could do, how to monetize more, etc. from online training’s to paid courses, from reading books to commenting on various articles has become a passion. I hope to keep growing it forever and be successful one day.

Every decision is worthwhile, as it has taught us many things. My husband has been very supportive, helpful in each step of my life. If not this journey would not be the same. We have had our shares of challenges, issues are financial, emotional, and many more but how we look and work towards it is the most important learning lesson.

If you think that you have taken some of the best decisions in your life, don’t forget to share with us. We never know what we have gone through unless we sit and think over it. I’m blessed that I can share it on this platform where I would have plenty of readers reading it.

But here I would want to give a chance to my readers to share their contents as well, so they can share their life. If you are one, then send us an email at – If the content is accepted we shall post the same.

Your’s Truly,

Queen Bee!!!


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