If you wish to make some money as a freelancer, this topic is for you.

Starting a career as a freelancer requires some skills that you can sell to your customer directly. Although, freelancing is possible with any set of skills. In the modern age, the most lucrative is the digital services that you can provide. Freelancing for a beginner, there are many services that you can sell and which are both in high demand and profitable.

All you need is a computer. Devote some of your time every day, and you will be able to make a thousand bucks or more every month.

Presenting the top 9 freelancing services that you can sell as a beginner:

Writing service:

You think you can write well. You are lucky because you are high in demand.

Writers, especially talented writers, are in high demand these days around the world. The writers are required for writing blog posts, articles, copywriting, ghostwriting, and much more. They are highly regarded and highly paid.

If you can write well, you should consider taking some online courses for content writing and creative writing.

These courses will take your writing skills to the next level. However, as a beginner, there is a lot you can offer.

Although veteran writers are paid handsomely, the new writers are also paid well.

I personally believe that writing is one of the best jobs you can do as a beginner because the barriers to entry are quite low.


Anyone with proper software and creative skills can start making infographics. The trick is that you have to use the right software.

One of the best software that I suggest for creating infographics is the Canva. It is an online software with free and paid versions.

You just need to select a format, bring in the characters and write down some info. If you have not done this before, try watching a youtube video on the topic.

Believe me, creating infographics is way easier than it seems. It is a beginner-level skill that you can learn now and sell an hour later as a freelancer.

The infographics were one of the highest in demand up till 2018. Following that year, there have been some downtrends. However, people still want it because it is one of the best ways of expressing concise information.

Proofreading and Editing

Proofreading and editing are some of the booming services. Whether you are a website owner, a blog post writer, a ghostwriter, or even a student. You need a proofreader to help get the right words on the page.

The interesting thing about proofreading and editing is that you don’t need mastery-level skills. All you need is time.

If your language is somewhat good – all you need is the right tool for the language.

Two particular software can be really helpful for you when you proofread your client’s work.

#1 Grammarly:

Grammarly is remarkable online software that you can use to make some quick fixes. It has both free and paid versions as well. It will spot the mistakes and suggest corrections.

#2 GoogleDocs:

Unlike other writing software, GoogleDocs is way more advanced. Its correction tool is way more powerful. The best thing is that it is totally free.

According to a test by one of our friends, Grammarly corrected around 13 mistakes and GoogleDocs Corrected around 12.

It is astonishing that since most of the mistakes are corrected by the software, there is little left to proofread.


Do you have a smartphone with a great camera or a DSLR? If yes, you are eligible to be a Photographer. The best thing is that you can quality learn to develop your skills.

Photographers are needed for almost every task. You will only need some simple software that can make your work look great.

The best way to start as a freelance photographer is by taking pictures and posting them on stock websites. You can start earning using this strategy.

Web Development

Since the digital market is expanding exponentially, it is best to learn some skills that everyone needs. Every day thousands of new websites are developed.

These websites present the business and open a window for the business owners.

It brings in new clients, and business is made much easier.

But did you know that 90 of these websites are developed by a private freelance developer?

Are you worried that it would not be easy to develop a website? You shouldn’t be! There is a lot of website developing software that has made the whole process simple and easy.

All you need to do is drag and drop whatever you want. These simple tools have made life easier.

Some of the great tools that you can use to develop websites are Wix, WordPress, Shopify, and much more.

You can read my articles on website development for this.

Teach Online

Don’t feel like learning new things, start teaching. There are many gurus out there who are sharing their skills with their customers.

They are teaching them what they know and are paid well for that.

Just think of anything that you know and are passionate about it. Jot down a list of such things. Number them according to your expertise.

Plan out your lecture. Deliver it to them.

There are several ways of delivering your work to them.

You can teach them online one-on-one. Many tutors prefer recording their lectures and creating a course for students.

The possibilities are endless.

Hey, there is more that you can do as a beginner. Let’s discuss them briefly.

Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is a person who works remotely answering calls or messages for a website. Businesses hire virtual assistants because they help directly in making the business easier. As a beginner, you can make a lot of money with this.

Voice over artist

A voiceover artist is one that records his voice for a script. His voice can be used in the video as well as audio podcasts.

If you are a native or know how to speak like a native, you are in high demand.

Data entry tasks

These are some of the tasks businesses ask for in a corporation. As a beginner freelancer, you will be asked to create a sheet and enter the data.

It’s not hard but consumes a lot of time.

That is why it is a perfect job for a beginner-level freelancer.

Start Today:

With all that said and so many people joining as freelancers every day, you might have doubted yourself and thought that why would people hire you.

I would like to reassure you that all these thoughts are just misplaced.

Believe it or not, everyone has a unique set of experiences that only he can bring to the table.

No one else can replace your place. Whatever you have to offer, may it be the same thing, will always be unique in its own sense.

So have faith and start your first day as a freelancer from now.

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Yours Truly,

Queen Bee / Laveena Pinto