The most common excuse I hear is, “How can I start when I have no money?

Is it even possible to start blogging or affiliate marketing when I have no money?

I am a student; I am a housewife; how will I arrange the money?

MONEY is one of the biggest factors why most people are not starting.

They want to start their blogging career, YouTube career, but they are helpless.

Let me be honest with you – This is THE silliest excuse you can give to yourself.


To start these side hustles, the ones I am referring you do not need MONEY.

But if you put in your hard work and efforts, surely you can earn.

Let’s say you are a student.

How would you arrange money just in case needed?

The answer is – Start teaching other students and charge some fees. Maybe Freelancing etc.

This way, you’ll learn more as well as earn some money.

Let’s say you are jobless.

How would you arrange money?

Jobless doesn’t mean that you are helpless.

There are thousands of ways in the world to make money. Find someone nearby and offer him your services.

You’ll earn some money, and then you can invest that money back in your business.

Wanted to share an example: My building watchman, earns a salary equal to a regular office employee. Roughly around 5 -6K AED per month.

Firstly, gets his salary which is fixed.

Car-washing: Most of the building cars are washed by this watchman. around out of 25 cars, surely washes at least 15 of them.

Home services: installation of lights, small repairs, etc – get him a regular income.

In addition, he manages to get a commission from tenants & owners if he sells the houses or rents the houses, plus other stuff like car selling, etc.

Had to share this example, coz to earn money there are zillion ways, it’s our mindset that needs to be repaired.

The maid in our building works in 5 – 6 houses and earns a pretty decent amount.

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If you carry your EGO and consider such jobs are lower than my standard.

How can I work under someone when people in my colony/street respect me as a king? 😀 then, of course, you will be jobless.

People sell their belongings, jewelry, but it’s not needed if you can plan a bit better. I am not suggesting you to sell your belongings here; all I want to say is – Where there is a will, there is a way.

If you want to become successful, you’ll always find a way.

Otherwise, there are endless excuses in the world to CHEAT YOURSELF.

Money is a by-product.

It will come once you offer your service to someone.

If you don’t have the money to start your blogging career right now, go there and search the opportunities in the market.

Make some money by working there and then coming online.

Making money was never difficult, and it’s not difficult NOW too.

All you need is the right attitude to deal with it.

and to be honest, to start a side-hustle like Blogging or YouTube, or Freelancing, you do not need huge investment unless you don’t want to work yourself.

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Laveena Pinto